The Administration Department is responsible for the overall day-to-day management of the District.  This involves the continual planning, control, direction and evaluation of the District's programs and resources.  The department researches and prepares recommendations for consideration by the Board of Directors on issues facing the District.  Vested in this department is the primary responsibility for assuring that Board policies, resolutions and ordinances are properly administered.

Division Responsibilities

General Manager

The Administration Department, through the General Manager and the Executive Secretary, provides staffing, scheduling and other support to the Board of Directors.  The office posts and disseminates meeting notices, agendas, and minutes, and assists in conducting Board and Committee meetings.  The department also provides administrative support services to each of the other departments.  Other activities include interagency coordination and consultation with department managers regarding various operational and planning issues.  Additionally, the department is responsible for facilitating the work of the District's General Counsel.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Division of the Administration Department is responsible for the management of all external and internal communications activities and intergovernmental relations.  The Public Affairs Manager directs public and media relations, legislative affairs, and serves as a liaison to local elected officials and community groups.  This division oversees the production and distribution of publications and notices to inform the public of District functions, policies, and services.  It also coordinates assigned activities with other departments and outside agencies, and provides highly responsible and complex administrative support for the District, General Manager, and Board of Directors.  Additionally, this division coordinates special events and District participation in water education and community events.  This includes water conservation activities and organizing and conducting tours of District facilities for students, youth groups, and the general public.


Marc Marcantonio
General Manager
Phone: (714) 701-3020
Fax: (714) 701-3028
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Malissa Muttaraid
Public Affairs Representative
Phone: (714) 701-3061
Fax: (714) 701-3028
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.