Well 22 Project


Well 22 will provide the District with an additional source of groundwater that allows the potential phase-out of older, lower-producing wells. The District obtained an easement from the Orange County Water District (OCWD) to accommodate the wellhead facilities. The drilling and well development phase of the project is currently in construction. The District has also started the process to retain a design consultant who will prepare engineering plans for equipping the well. Drilling, construction, development, and testing of Well 22 is expected to be completed in 2018.

Well 21 1 


Fairmont Booster Pump Station Upgrade Project


The project is the replacement and upgrade of the Fairmont Booster Pump Station. The existing 44-year old pump station will be demolished and its two booster pumps will be replaced by eight, pumping to three different pressure zones. This project is designed to increase the District's capability to fully utilize either water source (groundwater from wells, or import water from the Diemer Plant), improving the resiliency, reliability and efficiency of the District's water system. A new building that will blend into the existing neighborhood will be constructed to house the pumps, as well as disinfection and electrical facilities. The project will also include refurbishment of elements of the Fairmont Reservoir. Construction is expected to be completed by November 2018.

Fairmont 1Fairmont Booster Pump Station - Architectural Rendering

Bore and Jack of Steel Casing for Pump Station Manifold Piping

Initial Placement of First Pump "Barrel"

New 24-inch Pipeline in Fairmont Blvd to New Booster Station

Richfield Road Water Main Project   


Based on the anticipated production rates of Well 21 and two future wells, the existing 16-inch diameter pipeline in Richfield Road between Well 21 and the District's Richfield Plant does not have sufficient capacity. Therefore, a new transmission main, ranging from 20-inches to 36-inches in diameter, with a total length of approximately 2,000 lineal feet, was constructed in Richfield Road. The project also included chlorine analyzers, chlorine injection lines, and sampling lines for water quality. Construction was completed in August 2017.

Installation of "Blow Off" (drain valve) Along New Pipeline

Underground Vault Being Installed for New 24-Inch Pipeline to Follow

Well 21 Project


Well 21 is a proposed groundwater production well located at 4060 E. La Palma Avenue, Anaheim. This well will provide the District with an additional source of groundwater, thereby reducing our dependency on imported water. The District obtained a 20-foot by 40-foot easement from the Orange County Water District (OCWD) to accommodate the wellhead facilities. A well was drilled to confirm the quantity and quality. Thereafter, the well was drilled and completed with a steel casing and pump-tested in May 2014. Design of the proposed wellhead facilities along with 700 lineal feet of discharge pipeline has been completed. Construction was completed in April 2017.


2015 Waterline Replacement Project


In accordance with the District’s Asset Management Plan, the District is replacing older water pipelines as part of an ongoing program. The project also includes replacing deteriorating water pipelines with a history of breakage. District staff completed the design to replace approximately 3,400 feet of the critical pipeline reaches in Short Street, Lakehaven Way, Lakeshore Lane, Lemon Drive, Main Street, Olinda Street, Meadowview Drive, and Woodhaven Drive. Construction was completed in January 2017.