Who owns Yorba Linda Water District?
The people we serve are the "owners" of the District. Registered voters residing within the District’s boundaries elect the five members of the District’s Board of Directors.

When does the Board of Directors meet?
The Board meets every second and fourth Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the District offices at 1717 E Miraloma Ave. in Placentia. The public is welcome to attend these meetings. Members of the public can address the Board in relation to a agenda item at the beginning of each meeting.

How can I contact a Board member directly?
The Board Secretary will forward your telephone number or e-mail address to any member of the Board. Please call 714-701-3020.

How can I contact the General Manager?
You can contact the office of the General Manager at 714-701-3020.

Is the Yorba Linda Water District connected to the City of Yorba Linda?
No. Yorba Linda Water District is an independent public agency known as a special district. The district’s history dates back to 1909, when local farmers and ranchers formed the Yorba Linda Water Company. In 1959, the voters elected to create a public agency with the assets of the water company, and the Yorba Linda County Water District was formed. The City of Yorba Linda was not incorporated until 1967. Yorba Linda Water District works cooperatively with other public agencies on matters of mutual concern.

Does Yorba Linda Water District only serve Yorba Linda?
The Yorba Linda Water District provides water and sewer services to most of Yorba Linda and to portions of Placentia, Anaheim, Brea and unincorporated Orange County. Southern California Water Company provides water to approximately 1,200 homes near Fairmont Blvd. in Yorba Linda.

What is the "Locke Ranch" section of the District?
A 400-acre strip of land commonly referred to as the "Locke Ranch" area intersects the District. The "Locke Ranch" area consists of mostly residential dwellings with commercial centers at Yorba Linda and Fairmont Boulevards, and on Esperanza Road at Fairlynn Avenue. The area was originally outside of the District's boundaries, but now lies in the middle of the District's service area. The Golden State Water Company serves water to residents of this area, while the District owns and maintains the sewer system.

How do our water rates compare to other communities?
Yorba Linda Water District’s water rates are among the lowest in Orange County. The District’s Board of Directors have always maintained a fiscally conservative policy. It is our goal to provide the best water and sewer services at the most reasonable cost.

What is Auto-Pay?
Auto Pay is Yorba Linda Water District's convenient method of automatic water bill payment. Customers can arrange to have their monthly water bill amount deducted electronically from their bank account.  For more information you can call Yorba Linda Water District's customer service office at telephone number (714) 701-3000.

Who pays for water used for fire fighting?
Water used by the fire department during a fire is obtained directly from fire hydrants. The water does not flow through a water meter, and cannot be measured. This water is accounted for by water providing agencies along with water lost due to leaks and water main breaks. The cost of this water is considered an overhead cost of water system maintenance, and is a component of your monthly service charge.