Yorba Linda Water District is offering several residential rebate programs through the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) to help you conserve water:


  • Funding is limited and submitting a rebate application does not guarantee you will receive a rebate payment.  Rebates will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is exhausted.
  • Only original receipts will be accepted as proof of purchase.
  • Rebate applications and proof of purchase must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase to be eligible.
  • Rebate payout amounts will never exceed the cost of the device and, if applicable, installation costs.
  • Some devices or products may no longer be eligible for a rebate, and rebate amounts are subject to change.  Please check OC WaterSmart for the latest information on qualifying devices and rebate amounts.

Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers (Smart Timers)

smartimerWeather-based "Smart" irrigation controllers act like a thermostat for your sprinkler system, tailoring your watering schedule to the actual conditions of the landscape and soil in your garden. When water is needed, the Smart controller allows your sprinkler system to run as long as necessary — up to a predetermined maximum watering time — to adequately water your plants. When water is not needed, the controller instructs the system to skip that watering cycle. Smart timers can save you from overwatering your landscape by 13,500 gallons each year.

Rebates for weather-based irrigation controllers start at $80 per controller for less than 1 acre of landscape; $35 per station for more than 1 acre.

Due to funding restrictions, the SoCal WaterSmart program is undergoing many changes. Please check OC WaterSmart for the most up-to-date information.

For a list of qualifying products that meet WaterSmart guidelines, click here. Most home improvement and hardware supply stores carry the recommended brands. YLWD advises that you call the store first to inquire if your particular model number is currently in stock.

For any questions, please feel free to contact the YLWD Water Conservation Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



High Efficiency Clothes Washers

Nearly 15% of water used inside the home goes to doing laundry, but high efficiency washers can help you use 55% less water in your washing machine. Upgrading to a high efficiency washing machine can reduce your water consumption to about 20 gallons per load, compared to 35 to 50 gallons per load for standard washers. High efficiency washers can also help you cut your energy use, since less energy is required to heat water for warm wash cycles.

Rebates for high-efficiency washers start at $85.

Please check  OC WaterSmart for the most up-to-date information. Click here for a list of rebate-eligible models.

For any questions, please feel free to contact the Water Conservation Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



High Efficiency Toilets

Premium High Efficiency Toilets use 1.1 gallons per flush (gpf) or less. This is almost 20% less water than the WaterSense standard; however, HE toilets flush the same amount of waste just as, if not more, effectively.

Premium high efficiency toilets are eligible for a rebate from MWDOC at the rate of $40 per toilet. You may receive rebates on multiple toilet purchases/installations.


  • Eligible toilets must replace existing toilets that use 1.6 gpf or more.
  • Only one rebate application will be accepted per household. If you plan to replace more than one toilet, you must include all eligible toilets on the same application. Subsequent applications for later installations will not be accepted.

Click here for a list of eligible toilets. For more information or to apply for the rebate, please visit OC WaterSmart.

For any questions, please feel free to contact the YLWD Water Conservation Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles

Rotating sprinkler nozzles use up to 20% less water than standard sprinkler heads by distributing water more slowly and uniformly to your lawn and plants. The slower application gives water and nutrients time to penetrate the soil deeply, resulting in a healthier landscape without runoff. The multi-trajectory, rotating streams of water also resist being misdirected by wind and are less likely to mist. Additionally, more effective spray pattern options and better adjustments reduce overspray to ensure that all the water emitted gets applied to your landscape, not the sidewalk or the street.

Residential customers are eligible for a rebate of $2 (or more) per nozzle, with a 30-nozzle minimum.

Please wait until all rotating nozzles have been installed before submitting your rebate application in order to receive the full rebate amount. You may only claim rebates one time for nozzles. A second application for subsequent installation will not be accepted.

All rotating sprinkler nozzles currently on the market qualify for rebates. Click here for a complete device list.

For additional information, please view the Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles Rebate page at OC WaterSmart or contact the YLWD Water Conservation Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil moisture sensors have been shown to reduce outdoor water use by up to 70% without sacrificing the health of your landscape. They work by measuring the amount of moisture in the active root zones of lawns and plants, helping to ensure that the right amount of water is added at the right time. A measurement is taken before each scheduled irrigation event and the irrigation controller bypasses the scheduled run cycle if the soil moisture is above a certain threshold.

For properties less than one acre in size, rebates start at $80. For properties of one acre or more, rebates are offered at $35 per station.

To be eligible, soil moisture sensor systems must include a sensor and a calibrator (these are typically packaged together in the same device) and an irrigation controller. 

A sensor/calibrator can be added to an existing compatible irrigation controller, but the SMSS is not eligible for a rebate if the user has already received a rebate for a Weather Based Irrigation Controller. Rebates are not available for both the SMSS and a Weather Based Irrigation Controller if purchased together.

Click here to view a list of qualified products. 

For more information, please view Soil Moisture Sensor Controller page at OC WaterSmart or contact the YLWD Water Conservation Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels

Rainwater harvesting is a simple way to conserve water, protect the environment and save money. Rain barrels allow you to capture the rain that falls onto your roof and use it later to water your garden.

Rain barrels reduce the amount of potable water that is used for irrigation. They can also help reduce ocean water pollution by reducing the amount of stormwater that flows into storm drains and local waterways, keeping dangerous pollutants like pesticides, fertilizers and automotive fluids out of the ocean. Plants prefer rainwater because it is naturally "soft" and free of chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals.

Customers are eligible for a rebate of $35 per rain barrel.

Rain Barrel Rebate Guidelines:

  • Maximum of two rain barrel rebates per home.
  • Minimum size: 50 gallons.
  • Must be designed for the intended purpose of rain capture.
  • Should have a cover to prevent mosquitos, rodents and debris from entering.
  • Must be mounted in a way that allows the barrel to receive water unimpeded from a rain gutter.
  • Should not block or restrict access to walkways or pathways.
  • Must not be connected to the irrigation system and must be distributed through a hose or bucket.
  • Should be elevated 6 inches off the ground on a solid foundation.
  • Should be strapped to your home for safety if the height of the barrel is two times greater than the width.
  • Property must have existing gutters throughout the entire perimeter of the roof for adequate water collection and also existing downspouts.

Customers who purchase one or more rain barrels must submit a rebate application for all eligible rain barrels on a single application. Submitting one application for a rain barrel rebate will prevent you from receiving a rebate for any subsequent rain barrel purchase.

For more information, please view the Rain Barrel Rebate page at OC WaterSmart or contact the YLWD Water Conservation Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Drip Irrigation

The Spray to Drip Program offers customers the opportunity to convert areas irrigated by spray heads to drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation waters your landscape more efficiently and saves water by utilizing point emitters to deliver water to specific locations at or near plant root zones, rather than spraying wide areas. Water drips slowly from the emitters either onto the soil surface or below ground. As a result, less water is lost to wind and evaporation. Plants are also watered more deeply, which encourages the establishment of healthy root systems. Drip irrigation systems are customizable for the most efficient watering of different plant varieties in areas of any size.

The current residential rebate is $175 per component bundle (kit), and can be applied towards eligible equipment. Each site is eligible for up to three (3) kits. Each kit is able to provide coverage for between 250 and 500 square feet of spray irrigation retrofit.

The MWDOC Spray to Drip Rebate Program is currently accepting applications on a wait list basis only.

Please note that applicants on the wait list may not begin their projects until such time as (1) the application is moved from the wait list to an active status; and (2) the applicant has received the Project Approval email. Projects started prior to moving to active status and receipt of the Project Approval email will not be funded (no exceptions). You will be notified by email should your project come off the wait list. Applicants on the wait list will be subject to the Program rebate levels, guidelines, terms, and conditions in place at the time the application comes off the wait list and moves to active status. Projects that are underway or already completed prior to the receipt of the "Notice to Proceed" email are not eligible to participate.


  • The installed drip irrigation equipment must be listed on the Eligible Products List. Only drip irrigation equipment on the Eligible Products List, as evidenced by the submission of a purchase receipt, will be eligible to receive a rebate.
  • The conversion must replace standard spray irrigation with drip irrigation.
  • A minimum of 250 square feet of irrigated area must be converted to drip irrigation. In addition, for each kit a minimum of 250 square feet must be converted. (For example, if installing one kit, the converted area must be a minimum of 250 square feet. If installing two kits, the minimum converted area must be 500 square feet. For three kits, the minimum converted area must be 750 square feet.)

For more information, please view the Drip Irrigation page on the OC WaterSmart website or contact the YLWD Water Conservation Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Turf Removal Program

The Turf Removal Program is currently active for customers of the Yorba Linda Water District.

The OC WaterSmart Turf Removal Project is brought to you by the Municipal Water District of Orange County, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and Yorba Linda Water District. Through the program, you may be eligible to receive a rebate for removing turfgrass on your property. The goals of this program are to reduce the use of water by increasing water use efficiency within the landscape. Turf removal can help you increase your water use efficiency, save money and reduce runoff.

Current rebate amount: $1 per square foot, up to 1,000 square feet.

For more information and to apply for the program please visit OC Water Smart. To apply, you will need a copy of your water bill, 3-5 pictures of your project area and a simple site plan.

Participation Steps:

  • Complete the online application.
  • A site pre-inspection will be conducted within five weeks.
  • If your site qualifies for the program, a Notice to Proceed will be emailed to you within five weeks. Please follow all directions in the email.
  • From the receipt of your Notice to Proceed Letter, you will have 60 days to complete your project. This time frame includes the mandatory post-inspection.

Reminder: Do not start your project until you complete your on-site pre-inspection (all project turfgrass must be present at the time of the pre-inspection) and receive your Notice to Proceed. Projects started prior to receiving their pre-inspection and Notice to Proceed will not be Funded (no exceptions) due to the inability to accurately measure the area and verify the condition of the existing turf.

For any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Water Conservation Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.