Placentia, CA - The Yorba Linda Water District (YLWD) Board presented the Placentia –Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) Board with the 2017 Conservation Credit check of $1,911.78. PYLUSD also received $47,700 after working with YLWD staff to complete the ‘health and safety waiver.’ The waiver was granted following a thorough analysis of the meter consumption of all the PYLUSD sites. The school district will be receiving a total of $49.611.78 to reinvest into the local schools.


Dear Valued Yorba Linda Water District Customer,

With the incredible response from YLWD customers, the District was able to meet the State Water Resources Control Board’s 36% conservation mandate based on 2013 usage data. On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, the YLWD Board unanimously approved a one-time application of a Conservation Credit in an equal dollar amount to active customer connections for water service from penalties assessed from July 2015 to May 2016.

 1. What is the amount of the refund given to each active water connection?

Customers with water service as of July 25, 2017 will receive a one-time credit of $44.46.

2. How are the credits being calculated?

The balance in the Administrative Penalty fund is $1,105,722.93. The credit will be given to 24,872 active customer connections for water service. The one-time credit is $44.46.  

3. Can I file a claim or complete any paperwork to receive the refund? Is there a time limit to file for the refund?

No action is required on your part. The credit has been applied to your account and will be reflected on your next bill beginning in August 2017. 

4. Why am I receiving a credit?

On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, the YLWD Board unanimously approved a one-time application of a Conservation Credit to active customer connections for water service to encourage customers to utilize the credit to adopt Governor Brown’s Executive Order B-37-16 “Making Conservation a California Way of Life” for YLWD. The following recommendations will provide increase water use efficiency in your outdoor landscaping.

For more information on conservation devices visit, or


The 2017 Water Quality Report is complete. 

Please Note: As of June 2013, State and Federal laws allow electronic delivery of the Annual Water Quality Report.
 To save money, the District is no longer mailing out hardcopies of the Annual Water Quality Report to our customers.  A digital copy is available here:

If you still wish to receive a hardcopy, please stop by the District's office or contact us at 714.701.3000 and we will be happy to send one to you in the mail.

No longer saddled with a 36% conservation mandate from the State Water Resources Control Board, the YLWD Board of Directors voted unanimously to reduce the Basic Service Charge for all customers. 

Customers with one inch meters will see their meter fee reduced $9.08 to $32.49; customers with 3/4 inch meters will be billed at $19.45, a reduction of $6.84. 

The new lower rates come with the anticipated increase in annual water sales after the Board loosened watering restrictions and suspended Administrative Penalties last month.  The monthly basic service rates were calculated with forecasted increases in water sales to remain revenue neutral.

“The conservation edicts from the Governor were dramatic and unprecedented,” said Board President Ric Collett.  “It forced us to have to do something dramatic to keep from defaulting on our bonds and potentially go out of business. As the State has changed the rules, we’ve done everything we can to protect the public’s water and be fiscally responsible.  That also means not collecting more than we have to.”

The reduction comes in spite of the fact that costs for both groundwater and import water have increased. 

Meter Size
New Monthly Service Charge: Old Monthly Service Charge:
5/8" & 3/4"
1" $32.49 $41.57
1 1/2" $64.78 $79.77
2" $103.69 $125.61
3" $227.04 $270.77
4" $408.55 $484.69
6" $907.95 $1,225.77
Water consumption will continue to be billed at $2.70 per billing unit (748 gallons).
As identified in Year 2 of the District's 2015 Water and Sewer Rate Study, the monthly sewer service rates for FY 2016/17 will be increasing based on customer type.  For example, single family residential sewer rates will increase by $0.48 per billing period.
Customers will notice the new rates on their bills beginning August 1, 2016.



Director Michael J. Beverage wishes to announce his retirement from the Board of Directors of the Yorba Linda Water District.  After 24 years of distinguished public service, Director Beverage will not seek a 7th term this November, in order to pursue a new opportunity and enjoy semi-retirement. He plans to serve out his current term which expires in December of 2016. 
Director Beverage expresses his sincere gratitude to the community, staff, and Board Members (past and present) for working together to provide the community with independent, trusted and reliable water and wastewater service.