The Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF) has recognized YLWD as a “District of Distinction.” The District of Distinction recognition is awarded to districts that display achievements in the areas of governance, transparency, finances, and board conduct.

District of Distinction recognition is among California’s most prestigious government honors. SDLF carefully evaluates District of Distinction status every two years to ensure continued dedication to maintaining standards of excellence in financial audits, policies and procedures, and training received by directors and executive staff.

SDLF also presented YLWD with the District Transparency Certificate of Excellence. The certificate program, achievement of which is a District of Distinction prerequisite, promotes transparency in the operations and governance of special districts. Eligibility is established by completing certain requirements such as conducting ethics training for all board members, filing financial transactions and compensation reports to the State Controller in a timely manner, and maintaining website requirements intended to readily provide information to the public like board agendas, board meeting minutes, the current budget, and the most recent financial audit.

“Public agencies throughout the state are challenged with practicing responsible fiscal management and governance in an increasingly complex and heavily regulated environment, which is no small task,” said GM Marc Marcantonio. “Being named a District of Distinction demonstrates to our ratepayers that YLWD practices sound fiscal management and embraces transparent policies throughout all areas of district operations.”