The Yorba Linda Water District Board of Directors voted unanimously to suspend administrative penalties on customer billings beginning in June.  The decision comes after the State Water Resources Control Board granted the District an 8% credit toward its 36% conservation mandate.  To date, YLWD customers have exceeded the 36% target.

The Board adopted a new ordinance giving them the ability to reinstate penalties to varying degrees if the District falls out of compliance with the State regulations.

“We never wanted to do this in the first place,” said Director Gary Melton.  “Our customers have done an amazing job conserving and we’re in good standing with the State Board, so I don’t see any reason to continue to penalize our ratepayers.”

Board President, Ric Collett warned though, that lifting the penalties isn’t a green light to go back to old watering habits.

“We need to continue to conserve,” Collett said.  “Our customers are smart.  They know the drought is not over.  They’ve done the right thing and will continue to do so.  As long as we continue to meet our conservation mandate, we won’t need the penalties.”

Since the beginning of the original Emergency Drought Regulation, Yorba Linda Water District customers have exceeded the state’s 36% conservation mandate from June 2015 through February 2016.  The Drought Emergency Declaration has since been extended through October 31st, but the District successfully lobbied the State Board for a reduced conservation standard.  Credits were granted for investments made in sustainable supply for the Ground Water Replenishment System and for population growth.  The District’s new conservation mandate is 28%. 

Ordinance 16-01