Irrigation is now permitted 3 days/week

In response to the State lifting mandated conservation percentages, the YLWD Board of Directors voted unanimously to enter Stage 1 of the District’s Conservation Ordinance.  The move to Stage 1 allows customers to water three days a week.  Filling of swimming pools is no longer prohibited.

With the State turning back control to the local water providers, the District quickly moved to let customers use more water, just in time for the warm summer months.  The three day watering schedule supports the Governor's Executive OrderB-37-16 "Making Water Conservation a Way of Life" and runs parallel with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's Condition 2 – Water Supply Alert.

YLWD Customers responded heroically to the calls for conservation during the past year exceeding the 36% mandated reduction from the State.    While the drought is not over, conditions have improved in parts of the State and Metropolitan has a more than three year supply in storage. 

Effective immediately, odd numbered addresses may irrigate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and even numbered addresses can irrigate Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Permanent watering restrictions, including no washing down of hard or paved surfaces and no automated watering between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm remain in place.