No longer saddled with a 36% conservation mandate from the State Water Resources Control Board, the YLWD Board of Directors voted unanimously to reduce the Basic Service Charge for all customers. 

Customers with one inch meters will see their meter fee reduced $9.08 to $32.49; customers with 3/4 inch meters will be billed at $19.45, a reduction of $6.84. 

The new lower rates come with the anticipated increase in annual water sales after the Board loosened watering restrictions and suspended Administrative Penalties last month.  The monthly basic service rates were calculated with forecasted increases in water sales to remain revenue neutral.

“The conservation edicts from the Governor were dramatic and unprecedented,” said Board President Ric Collett.  “It forced us to have to do something dramatic to keep from defaulting on our bonds and potentially go out of business. As the State has changed the rules, we’ve done everything we can to protect the public’s water and be fiscally responsible.  That also means not collecting more than we have to.”

The reduction comes in spite of the fact that costs for both groundwater and import water have increased. 

Meter Size
New Monthly Service Charge: Old Monthly Service Charge:
5/8" & 3/4"
1" $32.49 $41.57
1 1/2" $64.78 $79.77
2" $103.69 $125.61
3" $227.04 $270.77
4" $408.55 $484.69
6" $907.95 $1,225.77
Water consumption will continue to be billed at $2.70 per billing unit (748 gallons).
As identified in Year 2 of the District's 2015 Water and Sewer Rate Study, the monthly sewer service rates for FY 2016/17 will be increasing based on customer type.  For example, single family residential sewer rates will increase by $0.48 per billing period.
Customers will notice the new rates on their bills beginning August 1, 2016.