Budget to Actual Statements
YLWD Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)
YLWD Financing Authority Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
           Appropriation Limit Report


Plans and Studies

Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study for Well 22 July2016
2015 Urban Water Management Plan May 2016
Water and Sewer Rate Study Jul 2015
Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Well No. 21 and Richfield Road Pipeline Project Dec 2014
Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Environmental Study for the Fairmont Booster Station Upgrade Sep 2014
Environmental Impact Report for Annexation Request to OCWD Sep 2013

North East Area Planning Study (NEAPS) Mar 2013

Sewer Master Plan 2010

Sewer System Management Plan Sep 2013

GIS Master Plan Oct 2006

Water Quality

Freeway Complex Fire Report

Freeway Complex Fire Disaster Response & Water System Assessment