The Yorba Linda Water District Board of Directors have appointed Director Robert R. (Bob) Kiley, as President of the Board. The Board also appointed Director Ric Collett as Vice President.

Kiley, first elected to the Board in November of 2010, after serving on the YLWD's Citizens Advisory Committee, is a small business owner and the Director of the Republican Party of Orange County during the Reagan Administration.  

Collett, who was elected to the Board in November 2004, retired last year from Republic Services.  He also currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Yorba Linda Community Foundation, and the Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove. He is also a member of the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce.

ask for IDSafety is a top priority at YLWD, especially the safety of our customers.  Burglaries and home invasions have increased throughout Orange County in the past year, with reports of some  crooks posing as public utility employees.   If someone knocks on your door claiming to be an YLWD  employee, make sure you ask for identification. Keep in mind that unless an appointment is made, a water district employee will almost never have reason to ask for entry into your home.


• YLWD field employees wear  a uniform and an ID Badge with a photo.
• Look for District vehicles  with proper District decals.
• Water quality samples are taken from outside the residence.
• If anyone  suspicious comes to your door do not let them  in.

If you need assistance, call 911 or call the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at (714) 647-7000.


On October 10, 2013, the Yorba Linda Water District Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve the agreement with Orange County Water District (OCWD) for the Annexation of the remaining 26% of the YLWD service area into the OCWD groundwater basin.

“This will prove to be a major enhancement to the overall reliability of the District’s water supply,” said Board President, Gary Melton. “In time, we will be able to pump the maximum amount of groundwater allowable each year. With ground water being less costly than import water, this will vastly enhance our ability to keep our variable water costs down and sustain low water rates for our customers.”

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YLW FrontPage R1-DM2Click image to download 2013/2014 budget

From the Letter of Transmittal:

This budget reflects the vision of the Board of Directors of the Yorba Linda Water District, its management, and its employees. We will continue to strive to make improvements in our budget processes, including an extensive review and analysis of projections for revenues, expenditures, capital projects, and reserves. To the Board of Directors, we acknowledge and appreciate their continued support and direction in achieving excellence in financial management.

Respectfully Submitted,

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Steve Conklin
Acting General Manager

LeeYorba Linda Water District announces the retirement of long time Operations Manager Lee Cory on February 6th. Lee brought 30 years of water and wastewater experience to YLWD, before spending the last 16 years here at the District where he's been an integral part of the agency's evolution.

Before diving into the world of water, Lee served in the Marines and worked in the oil fields as a young man. In spite of his no-nonsense approach to getting things done, you rarely would see Lee without a smile.

A lover of hot rods and classic cars, Lee says he will have no trouble keeping busy in retirement as "he's got a few toys he wants to play with," and "a list of things to do from Mrs. Cory," as well. Although we are sad to see Lee go, we wish him the best in retirement.

Chief Plant Operator, John DeCriscio has been named Interim Operations Manager.