Dear Yorba Linda Water District Customers,

This notice is to advise you starting August 1, 2017 the Yorba Linda Water District will be making changes to your water supply in an effort to restore the local groundwater basin which has been over-drafted during the long drought.
In cooperation with the Orange County Water District and the Municipal Water District of Orange County, Yorba Linda Water District will be joining other providers in the region to increase the amount of imported water it serves and to cut back on the amount of groundwater produced to meet local demands. These efforts will support more rapid recovery of the local groundwater basin and provide additional storage for supplies produced during the state’s recent record wet season.  The imported water “in-lieu” of groundwater is provided by Metropolitan Water at the same cost as the groundwater it is replacing, so there will be no financial impact to customers or the District.
Some customers may notice a slight change in the taste and aesthetic quality of the water due to this water supply shift. The water remains safe to drink and meets all of California’s stringent drinking water standards before it is delivered to customers.  The 2017 Water Quality Report is available online or at the customer service counter at the District.

The imported water is treated with chloramines for disinfection therefore, kidney dialysis patients, aquarium owners and businesses or industries that use water in their treatment process, must neutralize or remove the chloramines in their tap water prior to use. Additionally customers may need to adjust their in-home water treatment, water softener, and appliances as the new water supply from Northern California is much softer than the local groundwater you have come accustom to.
Customers may notice the temporary presence of sediment in the water, as a result of the shift in water supplies. There is no health risk associated with this temporary condition; however, customers are encouraged to contact Yorba Linda Water District at 714-701-3000 if these temporary conditions persist more than a few days.