In 1959, the Yorba Linda Water District established policies and procedures to build and maintain a comprehensive sewer collection system. The District’s present sewer system now serves connections both inside and outside of its political boundary.

Within its political boundary, the District owns and maintains nearly 150 miles of various diameter sewer pipes and one sewer lift station. This area serves about 11,786 single family, commercial, industrial and public school accounts, and 1,240 multiple dwelling units (condominiums, mobile homes and apartments) for a total of about 13,206 services.

Outside of its political boundary, the District also owns and maintains approximately 18 miles of sewer system in the “Locke Ranch” area. Here, there are about 1,565 single family, commercial, industrial and public school sewer connections. These customers receive their water service from the Golden State Water Company and pay for sewer service on their property tax bills.