lab-glassThe District currently tests more than 140 water samples taken from homes, businesses and other locations for potential microbial contaminants every month. The District’s groundwater wells are also tested on a regular basis for microbial, physical and chemical contaminants. Water obtained from the Colorado River and northern California is tested by regional water importer Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to ensure that this water is also of the highest quality.

Orange County Water District, the agency charged with the maintenance of local groundwater, conducts a basin-wide water well monitoring program for toxic, organic and inorganic contaminants. OCWD’s water quality laboratory provides YLWD and other groundwater producers access to high quality lab resources for its well water monitoring program.

Metropolitan Water District is the regional agency that brings Colorado River and Northern California to Southern California.  Metropolitan continually tests samples of this water at its water quality laboratory. This laboratory is considered to be one of the finest of its kind in the world. Metropolitan treats all of the imported water it provides to us using a three-stage process. This insures that this water always meet the same stringent water quality standards that our groundwater does.