What factors affect water system pressure?

One of the main responsibilities of a water providing agency is the maintenance of satisfactory water pressure to our customers.

Yorba Linda Water District provides service to a geographical area with many varieties of elevation. Because of our need to provide service to homes ranging from 250 to 1,275 feet above sea level, from the Chino Hills to the Santa Ana River, the District maintains six hydraulic "pressure zones" and thirteen water storage reservoirs.

In hillside communities such as ours, adjacent homes can have different water pressure levels depending on their location relative to the water storage reservoir serving them.

Can the plumbing inside my home cause lower water pressure?

Water pressure problems inside the home are the responsibility of the homeowner. The most common problem is also the easiest to fix . Screens on faucets and showerheads are designed to catch the small amount of harmless sand and minerals that may be present in the water. Over time these substances can build up and clog the screens.

Simply removing the screens and flushing them can cause a significant improvement in water pressure at the fixture. Other problems can be caused by partially blocked pipes, deteriorated fixtures or aging water heaters. A professional plumber can inspect your home for these problems.

If the plumber says your home system is functioning well, the next step is to call Yorba Linda Water District at telephone number (714)701-3000.

What can the District do to improve water pressure?

Problems within the water distribution system can include control valves that are malfunctioning or in need of adjustment, nearby pipeline repairs where temporarily closed valves were not re-opened, and temporary low pressure due to high water demands of fire fighting activities.

The District's engineering department staff is currently utilizing a computerized "hydraulic model" of our water system to study changes to the system and methods of system operations that will improve water pressure to identified low pressure areas. Yorba Linda Water District's practice is to promptly investigate the low pressure concerns of our consumers.

If you believe you have low water pressure, please call the District at telephone number (714)701-3000.

What is Auto-Pay?

Auto Pay is Yorba Linda Water District's convenient method of automatic water bill payment. Customers can arrange to have their monthly water bill amount deducted electronically from their bank account.

For more information you can call Yorba Linda Water District's customer service office at telephone number (714)701-3050.

Who pays for water used for fire fighting?

Water used by the fire department during a fire is obtained directly from fire hydrants. The water does not flow through a water meter, and cannot be measured. This water is accounted for by water providing agencies along with water lost due to leaks and water main breaks. The cost of this water is considered an overhead cost of water system maintenance, and is a component of your monthly service charge.