house-pipesYorba Linda Water District is responsible for what is called "the street side" of the water meter, including all water mains in the street and continuing through the community distribution system. Yorba Linda Water District is also responsible for sewer mains from the point where each individual property ties into the sewer main in the street. If you notice a water leak in the street or in the area of your water meter, please call Yorba Linda Water District at (714) 701-3000 to report it.

A local ordinance requires that all homes in areas that have water pressure in excess of 80 pounds per square inch feature a water pressure regulator to keep pressure at a usable level. These devices are reliable and provide years of service, but can occasionally require maintenance or replacement. Maintenance of pressure regulators are the responsibility of the homeowner. The device is normally located where the water pipe enters the front of the house.

The property owner is responsible for maintenance of water pipes on the "customer side" of the water meter. This means the interior plumbing of the home, the outside irrigation system, and the area where the property's water system connects to the water meter. 

In the case of sewer service, the customer is responsible for the pipes in the home and to the point where they connect to the sewer main in the street.